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PlentyTrade - A unique concept for your success

On the PlentyTrade platform you will find a variety of tested and proven trading systems. But the peculiarity of PlentyTrade is that the trading systems shown here only trade in one market at a time. That is: a currency pair, a trading system. This will allow you to create well-diversified portfolios later, with the monitoring of each system becoming an easy task.

The selection of currency pairs shown here is limited to the most traded currencies. This makes sense, as they usually have a lower spread compared to exotic currency markets. Perfect for a trader, as a low spread also means lower costs per transaction and therefore more profit.

How to find the best trading system

On the right side of the website is a button called All Systems. Clicking on it opens the trading system list (TSL) with all systems, small charts and some statistic key figures.

By default, you can see the best trading systems for all currency pairs from the last three months.

 automated trading with PlentyTrade

By clicking on the button All systems on the right side, you open the system window.

 best trading systems for all currency pairs

The system window will initially display the best performing systems. It is, however, limited to a maximum of ten systems. A scroll bar on the right side will take you down further.

 currently tradable markets for which online trading is available on PlentyTrade

For an individual selection, simply click on the currency pair selection in the upper gray background in TSL, to the right of the Plenty EA / Demo EA button. This opens a menu with all currently tradable markets for which trading systems are available on our platform. Here you can also display sample portfolios (click on green to show).

auto trading software with displayed systems according to your needs

Right next to the currency pair selection you will find the symbol for the sorting function. With one click, a ranking function opens, through which you can also adjust the order of the displayed systems according to your needs.

Select a system

Now that you have arranged the systems to your liking, you can take a closer look at a system by clicking on the system name. You will then be presented with a large chart, a description, all the important statistics, all trades and an MT4 report. If you want to look at another system, simply open the TSL again and select the next system by its name.

best automated trading system with closer look at a system by clicking on the system name

By clicking on the system name (in picture GBPJPY_H1_004), you simply select your desired system, in which you want to take a closer look at the chart and the associated statistical key figures.

Each system has its own risk setting. By default, systems have been tested and traded at one percent per trade risk. Use the - and + keys to adjust the percentage risk per trade according to your own needs. At the same time, this is the only setting you need to make on a system. THAT is the simplicity of PlentyTrade. Complicated settings are not necessary at all. But it should also be clear that risk and return are always very closely related. Understandably, a lower risk will lead to a lower yield and vice versa.

trading risk management with special risk settings

For example, a risk of 1.0 percent means that if you have an account size of $ 1,000, you risk $ 10 per trade. A risk of 3 percent would then result in $ 30.

Risk control screen

PlentyTrade has no complicated settings or calculations. The most important thing about trading is always controlling the risk. That is why we have a visual screen that implements the risk control indicator. This gives you an idea of ​​the fluctuations in the system you have considered in the past. You can then use the + and - keys to adjust the risk to your own individual needs.

trading risk control with visual screen that implements the risk control indicator

The risk control screen shows you exactly what risk the selected system has had in the period you have set. To customize a system, just use the - and + keys () in the TSL on the right.

To successfully trade in the global financial markets, it is not enough to just rely on a trading system. The same way banks and hedge fund managers divide their capital into different markets, you should also split your capital into multiple currency pairs on multiple systems. This allows you to achieve a more consistent capital curve development and to increase your income.

How to find the best portfolios

On the website you will find ready-made portfolios. We call them PlentyFolios. They serve as a suggestion for creating your own portfolio. To view all portfolios, you must first open the trading system list (TSL). To do this, click on the “All Systems” button on the right-hand side of the website. It opens the TSL.

trading software to compare the best performing systems

By clicking on the button All Systems on the right side, open the Trading System List (TSL). There you will initially see the best performing systems. It will only display a maximum of ten however. A scroll bar on the right side will bring you further down.

trading portfolio with currently tradable markets

To select portfolios, first click on the currency pair selection in the upper gray background. Clicking it opens a menu with all currently tradable markets for which trading systems are available on our platform.

Click on the green "P - Portfolios" to view the sample portfolios.

forex trading software with sort function

Right next to the currency pair selection you will find the symbol for the sort function.
With one click, a ranking function opens, with which you can additionally adjust the order of displayed portfolios according to your needs.

day trading system with closer look at portfolio by clicking on 'Get Details'

To see which individual systems this portfolio consists of, you can activate the "Simulation" button and click on the green "Get Details" button.
Alternatively, you can also click on the name of the portfolio (here P_005). As a result, this PlentyFolio will be displayed in a large chart with all statistical key figures.

daytrading software to increase your profit and reduce your risks

To see all the systems in the PlentyFolio with the associated risk settings, open the Trading System List (TSL) again by clicking on the "All Systems" button on the right side of the website.

Become your own financial manager

What makes the difference between a trading novice and a professional trader is the realization that you should be dividing your trading capital into many markets and systems. At PlentyTrade we will provide you exactly with these conditions, so that you can independently create your own portfolio, which we call PlentyFolio.

As financial markets change on a regular basis, your job is simply to turn off individual systematics in your PlentyFolio that are no longer profitable and to replace them with new and better ones. At what intervals you make adjustments will largely depend on changes in market behavior. Since it is unlikely that a single system will work successfully for decades, it will be your responsibility to regularly monitor and, if necessary, adjust your PlentyFolio. This will make you your own financial manager.

Create a PlentyFolio from individual systems

trading with individual portfolio

In order to create a PlentyFolio from individual systems, you can find a large selection of tested and proved individual systems in the Trading System List (TSL). Pull up the TSL via the “All Systems” button on the right side of the website.

daytrading software PlentyTrade

After opening it, you will find the currency pair selection up in the gray area of the TSL. There you have the option to view all systems (A - All Systems) or individual systems, each separated by currency pairs (flag symbols).

daytrading strategy with your own PlentyFolio

When you open the TSL for the first time, the topmost system is turned on as Simulation. The "Simulation" button in the upper gray area shows you the number of currently simulated systems in the small green field, in this case a 1. To start a simulation, click on the "Simulation" button in the upper gray area of the TSL, Subsequently, a chart window opens with all static key figures of the selected system. To add more systems to your simulation, open the TSL again.

trading demo - from beginners to day trading experts

Using the slide switches in a simulation, you can combine up to ten different individual systems into one PlentyFolio. Add a new system by turning on the sliding switch on a system of your choice (slide to the right). You will find the summarized result of all individual systems, as if you had traded them all at the same time, in the middle section of the website, displayed as a chart with all the associated statistical key figures.
Which system is currently being used in the simulation, can always be recognized by the activated slide switch. A green switch means ON and a gray switch means OFF.

live trading according to your individual needs

With the sort function it is also possible to click on "My Simulation" to display all the systems you are currently using in your simulation.

risk per trade in %

In addition, you can adjust each individual system according to your individual risk appetite via the - and + keys. Your goal in creating a PlentyFolio should be to increase the yield over the long term and to reduce the drawdown.

trading risk control with individual risk settings

If you have created your PlentyFolio from up to ten individual strategies, you will see which capital curve would have been created if you had traded all the systems at the same time on the large chart in the middle section of the website. If you want to see how your PlentyFolio will evolve in the next few days and weeks under real-world conditions, simply add your selected systems to Demo EA. To do this, however, you must be logged onto our platform. The registration is completely free. Click here to register.

What is the Demo EA?

Demo EA is a trial version of our Plenty EA, a software that you can easily install inside your MT4 account. Using the Plenty EA, you can simply have the PlentyFolio you created on the PlentyTrade website run in your MT4 account. Detailed instructions for installing the Plenty EA can be found, after you sign up for free, under "Settings" > "Plenty EA".

To test the systems under real conditions, click on the green button ToDemoEA () for each of your selected systems. Repeat this until you have added all your systems to Demo EA. You can add up to ten individual systems to the Demo EA. You can see how many systems you have already added to your test account using the number above the Demo EA Button () in the upper gray area of the TSL. Clicking on the Demo EA button will show you all the systems you are currently trading in the TSL.

However, please be aware that it will take some time for the first trades to be executed in your account. This depends on the current market behavior and your selected systems.

After you have added your systems to the demo EA, you can use the simulation again to look at other systems or perform further simulations.

trading system list on PlentyTrade

Click on the green button to add a system to the test account. If a system is already in the demo EA it will show through the white button

single trading strategy in trading system list

The two buttons and Demo EA in the upper gray area of the TSL, always show the number of selected systems at the top. By clicking on the respective buttons, you can change the view between the two options.

Naturally, risk and income are always closely related in trading. One of the most important displays at PlentyTrade is the risk control indicator. This shows you the percentage decrease of your PlentyFolio. Since fluctuations in trading are completely normal, you should take this information into account when creating your PlentyFolio. Values in the green range are acceptable. The yellow area indicates a higher risk while the red area indicates that you should reduce your risk. Using the - and + keys of a system in the TSL, you can adapt each system to your individual risk appetite.

risk control indicator - adapt each system to your individual risk appetite

The greater the percentage of the risk control indicator, the higher the capital decline during the period considered. Set your PlentyFolio and the risk share of each system to meet your individual needs.

Take over a finished PlentyFolio

Differing from creating a portfolio (we call this PlentyFolio) from individual systems, you can also find completely finished PlentyFolios on the website. These serve to illustrate the concept of the benefits of concurrent trading of multiple individual strategies.

portfolio trader takes over a finished portfolio

To view finished PlentyFolios, open the Trading System List (TSL) on the right side of the page using the "All Systems" button.

After clicking on the currency pair selection, a scroll-down menu will open.

daytrader software PlentyTrade

Click on the symbol. There you will see our predefined PlentyFolios.

daytrading program PlentyTrade

Use the slide switch below "Simulation" to select the respective PlentyFolio which you would like to take a closer look at. If you then select another PlentyFolio, the previously displayed PlentyFolio will be switched off again. Therefore, you can only look at one PlentyFolio at a time.

Following, there are two ways you can look at the individual strategies of a PlentyFolio.

Display of the individual systems of a PlentyFolio variant 1:

simple trading strategy with individual systems

By clicking on the flag symbol of a single strategy, you open the strategy in the big chart with all the associated statistical key figures. The symbol turns green . In order to have your entire PlentyFolio displayed again, click on the button once more.

Display of the individual systems of a PlentyFolio variant 2:

simple trading software with a ready-to-use portfolio

Switch on the slide switch below "Simulation" . This turns the button "Get Details" green. With a click on the button , the PlentyFolio with all individual systems will be displayed in a large chart. If you now open the TSL on the right side of the website (click on "All Systems" button) you will find all individual systems of this PlentyFolio with the corresponding risk setting in the Trading System List (TSL).

Add systems to your test or live account

test account or live trading with live account

If you have followed Variant 2, you will find all the individual systems of this PlentyFolio in the TSL on the right side of the TSL. Then you can add your desired systems to your test account by clicking on the "ToDemo EA" button.

day trading platform with special risk settings

To view all the systems of your demo account, simply click on the "Demo EA" button in the field grayed out in the trading system list (TSL). Then all selected systems with the corresponding risk settings will be displayed in the TSL.

If you have created your portfolio, which we call PlentyFolio, and added the systems to your demo account (Demo EA), all you have to do is to monitor and adjust your positions. You can read about how to create a PlentyFolio in the previous tutorials.

trading account to monitor your portfolio

To get to your account, you must be logged in. After logging in, click on the "My Account" button at the top of the website.

You will see your account displaying various statistical metrics and useful features.

meta 4 trader - install our software in your own MT4 account
  1. This switch is turned on by default. If you do not want to open new positions, push the switch to the left. As a result, the dot turns orange, indicating that no new positions are opening.
  2. Here you can close all currently open and not yet executed positions. This would be conceivable, for example, if market-influencing data is issued and you do not want to have any open positions in your PlentyFolio before.

To view all the individual systems of your demo account, open the Trading System List (TSL) by clicking on the "All Systems" button on the right side of the website. Now you will be shown all existing systems of your demo account. If you have not yet added a system to your demo account, this will also be displayed with a note.

In the trading system list, you now have the option of pausing each strategy, closing it, adjusting Risk per trade in %, looking at the results of that system, or closing an open position.

send trading signals to your MT4 account

  1. Click on the X-Button to remove the strategy from your Demo EA. All open orders or positions are closed.
  2. With the pause button you can stop the execution of the strategy. After a click, the button turns into the start button and changes its color to orange. No new positions will be opened now. Existing positions will continue to be monitored until they are completed. To start the system once more, click the start button again.
  3. With the button you close an open position. To do this, however, you must first switch on the slide switch under "Watch" (point 7). This is useful if a position has made a high profit very quickly and you want to secure it.
  4. If you want to change the position size of a system, you can set this via the - / + keys. The pause button (see point 4) then turns into the orange start button and no new positions are opened. To apply your changed settings regarding risk, click on the start button again.
  5. Activate the slide switch under "Watch" to activate the "Close open position" switch.

If you have convinced yourself of the quality of our platform, you can have the signals of the individual systems sent to your MT4 account. For this, you need our PlentyTrade software. You can get it via subscription or sponsored by one of our partner brokers. The exact order conditions can be found here (link).

professional forex trading with PlentyTrade

Slide the switch to Plenty EA. Now you can use our platform as you know it from the demo version, only that you now send the signals to your MT4 account.

If you are furthermore unlocked for the Plenty EA, set the switch in your account to Plenty EA. After that, as already tested in the demo account, create your PlentyFolio and send the signals to your MT4 account. The functionality is exactly the same as when you could test it with your demo account (Demo EA).

Detailed instructions on how to install the Plenty EA in your MT4 account can be found here: Insert link.

Once you have purchased the Plenty EA, all you need to do is download the software and install it in your Metatrader account.

In this guide, we'll show you how to do it in a way that your selected signals will also be sent to your account.

Helpful information before starting: PC or Virtual Private Server

To ensure the smooth transmission of the signals and the data synchronization, you must keep your Metatrader account open 24 hours a day with the Plenty EA installed. For that you have two options:

  1. Install the Plenty EA locally on your PC

    The easiest way to use our Plenty EA is to install it in your Metatrader account on your PC. However, your PC must be turned on 24 hours a day and it must be permanently connected to the Internet.

    If there is a power outage or your Internet connection is lost, the connection between PlentyTrade Server and your account is also broken, which means that you can no longer send orders or monitor positions.

  2. Install your MT 4 account on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    A VPS is, simply put, a PC in a data center. An advantage of this feature is the fact that such centers are equipped with an additional power supply in case a of power failure and that they can provide an almost 100 percent stable internet connection. In addition, you can even save on electricity costs if your home PC is not constantly switched on. Make sure, however, that the operating system of the VPS does not update itself automatically and restarts the server. Best run updates to the operating system on your own at the weekends. Then start your MT 4 again and check on the PlentyTrade website, in your account ("My Account"), under the tab "Plenty EA" and point 03 “Account connect”, whether the Plenty EA has a connection again.

    Some of our affiliate brokers also provide a free VPS under certain conditions.

Your PlentyTrade account area

To get to your account area, click on "My Account" at the top of the page. You will be in your account. Next to the "My Account" button you will find the button "Settings". There, you will find some settings options for managing your account. Now click on the button "Plenty EA".

your own account area on plentytrade

If you follow these three steps, you are ready to send your selected signals to your Metatrader account.

We will explain in detail how to proceed below.

version and update of plenty ea

01 Download EA

  1. Version: Here you can find the current version number of our Plenty EA
  2. Latest Update: Here you will see the date of the last update of the Plenty EA. You will be informed via e-mail about all news regarding the website or updates.
video and tutorial how to install metatrader

02 Read user manual

  1. Video: Here's a short video on how to install our software in your Metatrader account and how to make all the preparations to receive your selected signals.
  2. Tutorial page: This is a detailed tutorial on how to download the Plenty EA, install it in your Metatrader account, and receive your selected signals.
connect your account

03 Connect your account

  1. Account number: You have to enter the account number of the MT4 account that you want to insert our software (Plenty EA) into. This will ensure that the signals are routed to this account.
  2. Status: If there is a connection between the PlentyTrade platform and your Metatrader account, you will see this as "Connected".
  3. Last update: Here you can see when the last data synchronization between the PlentyTrade platform and your Metatrader account took place.
  4. Expiration Date: If you get sponsored our Plenty EA from a broker for three months or purchased it for three months, here this will tell you when that period ends and no more signals are sent to your Metatrader account.

Settings you need to make in your PlentyTrade account

In order to connect to your Metatrader account later, you must first enter your Metatrader account number in your PlentyTrade account.

your plentytrade account settings

Your MT4 account number can be found in the top bar of your Metatrader account.

connect account with metatrader

Now enter the MT4 account number in the corresponding input field in your PlentyTrade account.

You will find it in your PlentyTrade account under "Settings" > "Plenty EA" > 03 Connect your account. After you have entered the number, save it with a click on the "Save my settings" button.

You should pay attention to this

1. Install the Plenty EA in a single chart

Only install the Plenty EA in one chart. The procedure is explained in the tutorial below. The Expert Advisor is responsible for the exchange of information between the PlentyTrade website and your Metatrader account. In which chart or time unit you install the Plenty EA does not matter. However, be sure to install the Plenty EA in just one chart in your MT4, otherwise duplicate order execution may occur.

2. The currency pairs to trade must be in the Market Watch

currency pairs to trade in market watch

To receive signals, the corresponding currency pairs must be present in the Market Watch window. Since only systems with the most commonly traded currency pairs are available on PlentyTrade, they should be present in almost all brokers. The advantages of using these currency pairs are as usual the low spread and therefore low fees, haing a positive impact on trading results.

Make the right settings in the Metatrader

For the Plenty EA to work properly in your Metatrader account, you need to make some settings in advance.

right settings in metatrader

In the Metatrader, click on the "Tools" tab and then on "Options" and then on "Expert Advisors" as shown in the image below.


Apply the settings as you can see in the picture above. The checkboxes in the areas framed in red must have a checkmark, the others are optional. Proceed by clicking "OK".


Check that "AutoTrading" is activated (the symbol must light up green). If you do not see the green symbol on your MT4 or AutoTrading, please click on "Auto Trading".

Install the Plenty EA in the Metatrader account

If you have purchased the software, you can download the Plenty EA from our website


However, before you can start downloading, go to "My Account" and slide the slide switch to Plenty EA. Next to "My Account", click on "Settings" and then on the tab "Plenty EA". There you will find the areas 1 - 3.

download ea in area_1

Click in area 01 “Download EA” on the Download button.


The zip file called PlentyEA will be downloaded immediately. The file "" contains another file named "MQL4".


Open the "PlentyEA" folder and your Metatrader account at the same time.

On the pictures below, you can see the open folder "PlentyEA" on the left side, which contains another file (MQL4). On the right side you can see the Metatrader 4.


In the Metatrader, click on "File" and then click in the open menu on "Open Data Folder".


Now mark the folder "MQL4" in the folder "PlentyEA" and then copy this into the already open folder of your Metatrader account. The existing folder "MQL4" will be overwritten. Important! Your existing data will be preserved.


You will be asked if you want to integrate the contents of the new folder into the existing „MQL 4“ folder. Click on "Yes".


All necessary data has now been added to your Metatrader account. Now close the open folder of the Metatrader and the PlentyEA.


Look for the folder "Expert Advisor" in the "Navigator" window. Right-clicking on "Expert Advisor" opens a menu where you must click on "Refresh". Then you will find the "PlentyEA" in the folder "Expert Advisor". Now all you have to do is activate the PlentyEA.

Activate Plenty EA in the Metatrader 4 account


Open a new chart in MT4. Which currency pair you choose does not matter. Proceed as follows: Go to the Market Watch window and select, for example, the USDJPY, as shown in the picture above. Right-clicking on the currency symbol opens a menu. Click on Chart Window to open a new chart.


Then go to the Navigator window. Find "Expert Advisor" and expand the menu to see all existing Expert Advisor, if not open. There you will find the PlentyEA. Right-click the PlentyEA and select Attach to a chart.


After that, a window opens with four tabs: About, Common, Inputs and Dependencies. Click on the Common tab. Make sure that the check marks in the fields are visible as shown in the picture above.

Now move on to the next tab Inputs.


If your broker uses prefixes or suffixes, enter them here. For example, if your broker uses symbols such as EURUSDpro, enter "pro" as the suffix. Further settings are not necessary. Click "OK" until the window closes.


In the upper right area of the chart you should see PlentyEA (with the current version number) followed by a :). The smiley must be smiling, otherwise it indicates that you have not successfully activated Auto Trading yet. (as described above)

If you have followed this guide, you should now have a connection between the PlentyTrade website and your MT4. To view your current account balance in the PlentyTrade account, you must refresh the page.


In your PlentyTrade account, make sure that you see the Status as Connected. If it does, congratulations, from now on any systems you add to PlentyEA on the PlentyTrade platform will now be sent to your MT4 account with your individual settings.